Over the past five years this rider has stood in flaglines and chronicled the rendering of final honors to many of our fallen heros. Unfortunately time and hard riding have finally caught up with me. I have a spinal injury that makes it impossible to make these long rides. As a result of this disability I have stepped down as the State Coordinator and will no longer be able to stand in honor of our heros.

I am turning the mailing alert system over to the new State Coordinator and will not be handling them anymore. For more information I suggest you go to the National Old Guard Riders website and forum.

Meanwhile I will be maintaining this website for archival purposes. Many of the families of these fallen warriors visit often and I will keep it up and running for them. Any of you who are participating and have narratives and photos of past, or future missions are welcome to send them to the webmaster. I will publish them with full attributions to the authors/photographers.

It has been an honor to stand the flaglines with so many caring patriots. Continue the good work and ride safe.


Lowell St Cyr
Old Guard Rider

Mission Statement/Policy and Protocol

The Florida Old Guard Riders exists solely to fulfill the American Legion Riders Mission Statement as rendered in Mulvane, Kansas in 2005. We will adhere to, and only be bound by, the heart of that mission statement. We will:

  1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
  2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protester, group of protesters, and any unwanted guests.
  3. Accomplish this “shielding” through strictly legal and non-violent means

Monday, June 26, 2006
Gov. Jeb Bush Signs into law
H-B 7127- 871-01
Banning Protestors from
Funerals in Florida

This is why the Bill was necessary In order to perform our mission we are required from time to time to shield the families of the fallen from protestors. At a recent funeral these knuckle dragging, hellbound neanderthals showed their ugly faces at a fallen hero's funeral. These low life pond scum are from a hate group based in Kansas that call themselves a church. They are exercising the rights that these young men and women fought for.

"dirtbags from the WBC protest at Florida Funeral"

They are publicty whores who thrive on coverage and make their living by suing anyone who violates there rights. That's right, the very rights these young people have died defending. These people are doing the devil's work. There is a special place in hell for these people and the sooner they make the journey the better.

"scum from the WBC protesting in Sarasota"

The Florida Old Guard Riders are currently undergoing reorganization. This website will be updated as information becomes available. We are still under construction and hope to have all of our archives migrated to this site in the near future. We are also looking for individuals interested in helping in our reorganization. We will be looking for a state and districts coordinators.